30 Tips to Improve your Landscape Photography Ebook

Some sound tips for beginners in this short free ebook by Capture Landscapes, including the crucial tips like slow down or, my favorite, buy a tripod.

I agree with most of the tips, strongly disagree with one, and have comments about a few.

8. Plan your shots

I’m terrible at planning and previsualization, and I don’t believe in them very much: knowing sunset time is good but getting stuck with imagined composition and miss better, but unplanned, shot is something I’d like to avoid.

I just arrive at a place and see what the nature has for me today.

13. Don’t get stuck with one lens

I like to shoot landscapes with both wide angle and telephoto lenses but having plenty of lenses exhorts you to choose lenses instead of shooting. And lenses are also heavy.

They suggest to have at least two lenses. I’d say that two is the best number.

21. Understand the “rule of thirds”

No, just no. There are no rules in photography.

28. Shoot quality rather than quantity

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.

When citing Henri Cartier-Bresson keep in mind that for him 10,000 shots was something like a month of shooting. Shoot as much as you need — just show only the best photographs.

You can get your copy by subscribing at Capture Landscapes site.

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