The most epic sunset of 2016

Bohemian Switzerland is the same thing as Saxon Switzerland but on the other side of the German-Czech border.

It was a rainy evening and we were far from a place we’ve chosen for a sunset. The Sun was close to the horizon and we were desperately trying to find at least something to shoot. When we were coming back to the best stop we could find, a viewing point, from which this photo was made, we saw that the Sun was shining through a tiny crack in the clouds and the whole valley was filled with a thick golden light. We ran like the Fellowship of the Ring, jumping over tree roots and steps of a staircase to the viewing point. The whole shoot took not more that several minutes: unpack a camera, set up a tripod, choose and change a lens, compose a frame, focus and shoot. I had enough time to only take four frames with different exposures until the Sun had gone.

It’s my most popular photo at Unsplash so far. And here’s my friend’s version of this scene.

October 2016, Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic.

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